July 20, 2010

Highlights Foundation and Writing Novels for Young Adults

Crisp autumn days certainly seem like a long time away from these sweltering summer days. But autumn will be here in a blink, and Highlights Foundation offers a fantastic weekend for eight YA writers. Rich Wallace, former Highlights editor and author of numerous YA/MG books, will host a workshop on the beautiful grounds of the Highlights Foundation in the Poconos.
Identify voice, create interesting internal dialogue and find interesting story ideas are among the topics that will be discussed. Interested? Limited to eight participants, so find the details here and act fast.

July 17, 2010

Vote for Katie!

Highlights Magazine just acquired my "Gallant Kid" article about Katie Stagliano. Yay! Katie is an incredible kid and she certainly deserves a starring role as a Gallant Kid. As an eleven year old, Katie grew a 40 pound cabbage from the third grade Burpee Seed school program. She donated it to a homeless shelter, and found her calling as a gardener and volunteer. Now you have the chance to vote for Katie. If she wins, Katie can start two more gardens, adding to the seven gardens she currently is tending. More gardens means more vegetables donated to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Vote today - only four days left!

July 8, 2010

True or False? Top Ten Publishing Myths

Former NY editor Erin Brown has a great article on Top Ten Publishing Myths. Terrific information for aspiring authors. We all like to think that publishers will be offering huge advances, our book will hit the NY Times bestseller list, and we need only to clear our calendar before the publisher creates a glitzy publicity tour. Ms. Brown explains why these are all myths, but take hope! Knowledge is power. This information can help you define your book as a success in realistic terms.

July 2, 2010

Looking To Go Green?

Going green is the hot topic right now, but this article is about pulling in the green, or at least spending less, while you are busy pursuing your writing dreams. In the Institute of Children's Literature newsletter is "Going Green in the Writing Business" by Sally Phillips. The article lists helpful suggestions such as: Getting magazines from libraries, submitting electronically to publishers, entering writing contests with no fees, free writers newsletters (like Institute of Children's Lit), submitting to smaller magazine publishers, etc.. In today's economy, this is information that we could all use!