September 29, 2008

Monday Mornings...

I think this photo is a perfect example of how we all feel on Monday mornings! I have to say though , I jumped out of bed this morning. It's finally here - the week Tonight You Are My Baby will be released! Yay! The big day is on Wednesday.....

September 22, 2008

New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Meeting

Great time at the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers meeting in Cherry Hill, NJ. I was at the HarperCollins booth, signing Tonight You Are My Baby. Met lots of great people who are definitely excited about books! I was excited too - not only to be signing, but I also met Jackie Urbanovic, author/illustrator of Duck Soup and Duck at the Door. Her books are such fun and I am in awe of illustrators - an amazing talent! I managed to get a signed copy of her latest book for my kids. Many thanks to all those Indie bookstores owners who told me they will be stocking Tonight You Are My Baby! Music to this author's ears!

September 17, 2008

Magazine Articles

Many authors (and aspiring authors) supplement their income and practice their craft while
writing magazine articles. It's also an excellent way to get published. Adding writing credits to your query letter shows an editor that you are serious about your craft and good enough to be accepted by a magazine. Many local magazines/newspapers pay well and the article can result from a fun family outing. I recently submitted a magazine article on "Lucy the Elephant" in Margate, NJ. Lucy is the world's largest elephant. She was originally built as a tourist attraction and has since served as a tavern, private residence and hotel. I haven't visited Lucy since I was little, and I wanted my kids to see her. A fun family outing turned into an article! Be sure to take photos when submitting your article. Most magazines want the author to write a first-hand experience.

September 9, 2008

Where did the summer go?

In a blink, the summer is gone. I'm definitely behind on my blog updates, but we spent the last few weeks enjoying everything summer has to offer. I can't say I regret it for a minute! Our days were filled with biking, playing and swimming. Even though the summer is always busy, I find it restorative. We spend so much time outside and the days are so long. I wish summer came twice a year! Some photos of the kids as they looked most of the summer.....