November 24, 2009

Perfect Holiday Gift For Writers!

If you are an aspiring author or already a published author, add this fabulous item to your wish list. Bill Quain, Ph.D, is the author of 17 books. He has sold 2.3 million copies in 20 languages - now, that's success! In addition to being a best-selling author, Dr. Quain is obviously a terrific marketer. He is also in the business of creating marketing programs for authors who want to sell more books. And he can help those that would like to publish a book. We all know in today's world, successful authors must be successful marketers. Gone are the days writers could hide in the attic, alone with their thoughts. Just reading this blog, demonstrates the importance of marketing, web presence and name recognition. Check out the creative packages that Dr. Quain is offering for the holidays. Print and leave the list where your secret Santa will find it! Or treat yourself ! With all the books Dr. Quain will help you sell, you can treat your loved ones to something special too!

November 20, 2009

What Is Your Voice?

The awesome Tara Lazar continues to inspire us with her blog, Writing For Children While Raising Them. As this is National Picture Book Idea Month (affectionately called NaPiBoIdMo), Tara's blog is chock-full of great information from guest bloggers. (see below). Recent posts include inspiration through volunteer work, whistle while you write and the idea catcher. To up the ante, Tara has also arranged for three agents to critique the winners in the grand prize raffle. Wow! Check out the fantastic agents on her blog. And while you are there, check out my stint as guest blogger with my title, "Do You Hear Voices?". Happy writing!

November 9, 2009


Hear ye! Hear ye! Picture book writers! November is Picture Book Idea Month on Tara Lazar's blog, and she has a fantastic line-up of picture book authors who are sharing their secrets. Guest bloggers include Karma Wilson (Bear Snores On), Tammy Sauer (Cowboy Camp, Chicken Dance), and a host of others. Tips include: how to find ideas, where is the voice, and other tasty tidbits that will keep you inspired. I'm guest blogging on November 19th, so be sure to tune in. Happy writing to all!

November 5, 2009

Katharine Paterson, Author

"I like to write about people whom the world neglects or forgets. I've known so many brave people that most of the world would count as nothing. I love to give them their due." - Katherine Paterson, author

Wow! Talk about inspiration! From The Institute of Children's Literature, a fantastic interview with Katharine Paterson. Katherine won the Newbery Medal for two of her books: Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob Have I Loved. She also won an Honor Book Newbery Medal for The Great Gilly Hopkins.

The entire interview is delightful, as it seems Ms. Paterson is herself. But to have the noble goal of writing about people that would otherwise be forgotten, is outstanding. Ms. Paterson draws upon her experience of her son's childhood friend in Bridge to Terabithia, and her time as a foster parent in The Great Gilly Hopkins. She gives hope to the struggling writer, as she wrote while she was raising four children under the age of five!

As with many writers, her children gave her the inspiration to write. Asked about her busy years as a young mother struggling to find free time she notes, "But I've always maintained that the people who took away my time were the same ones who gave me something to say. If I had to chose between those four and my books. There would be no contest. The children would win hands down."

Bravo to Katharine Paterson. Check out the interview - it will make your day!