March 29, 2010

Get The Party Started!

Wow! The KidLit Authors Club has a party just waiting for you! This newly formed group of 13 PA, NJ, De authors will bring experience, writing tips, prize bags and fun to your next event. The mix includes picture books, middle grade and YA novelists. The spring schedule is hopping and events are already booked into Fall 2010. Check out our website at KidLitAuthorsClub and get the party started!

March 23, 2010

Does a Capybara make a nest? Ask an expert!

So you're writing a non-fiction piece? Perhaps an interesting article or you have a fabulous book idea? That's great! The beauty of writing in today's world is the ease of checking facts. Say you're writing a book about the rainforest (okay, I'm writing a book about the animals of the rainforest). With a click of your mouse, you can enter the rainforest and discover that a large pig-like rodent with webbed feet (called a Capybara) also dwells there. Great internet sources tell us that the Capybara stays near the water, but you can't seem to find out how it makes a nest. Does it tunnel in the mud? Does it make a nest of grass and twigs? Who on earth will know these offbeat facts? You need a Capybara expert! In the March/April SCBWI bulletin, author Jane Mcbride Choate shares a fabulous list of experts just waiting to help!

And if any of you are Capybara experts, please let me know. No pressure though, I can always ask the other experts!

March 2, 2010

Board Book Edition Coming Fall 2010!

Great news! Tonight You Are My Baby will also be printed Fall 2010 as a board book edition! This edition will be for the littlest readers, who can hold the sturdy book in their hands and share the story of Mary's love for her baby. This is the perfect stocking stuffer, baby shower gift, or new baby present. Look for it in your local bookstore in September.