March 23, 2010

Does a Capybara make a nest? Ask an expert!

So you're writing a non-fiction piece? Perhaps an interesting article or you have a fabulous book idea? That's great! The beauty of writing in today's world is the ease of checking facts. Say you're writing a book about the rainforest (okay, I'm writing a book about the animals of the rainforest). With a click of your mouse, you can enter the rainforest and discover that a large pig-like rodent with webbed feet (called a Capybara) also dwells there. Great internet sources tell us that the Capybara stays near the water, but you can't seem to find out how it makes a nest. Does it tunnel in the mud? Does it make a nest of grass and twigs? Who on earth will know these offbeat facts? You need a Capybara expert! In the March/April SCBWI bulletin, author Jane Mcbride Choate shares a fabulous list of experts just waiting to help!

And if any of you are Capybara experts, please let me know. No pressure though, I can always ask the other experts!

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