August 30, 2010

Do You Write Non-fiction?

Highlights Foundation is hosting a cozy, educational workshop for 10 non-fiction writers at their beautiful site in Honesdale, PA. Carolyn Yoder, editor at Caulkins Creek and Highlights Magazine, is leading the workshop. I have attended some of Carolyn's workshops through SCBWI and she is a wealth of information. Non-fiction writing is a great entry for school visits and building publishing credits through magazine articles. Non-fiction can be fun! Check out the details here.

August 22, 2010

Picture Book or Magazine Article?

Interesting post from Mary Kole, agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Mary suggests asking yourself the $50,000 question. This is approximately what publishers invest when sending a manuscript to print. In today's tough picture book market, a quiet manuscript with a regional focus, or smaller audience appeal, may not make it to the printing press as a book. However, it may be a terrific piece for a magazine, the author gets paid quickly and the publishing credits add up. Check out Mary Kole's article here.

August 14, 2010

Are You A Nine to Fiver?

Returning from vacation and spent time focusing on several projects. Just in time is this post from Kristi Holl on Thinking Like A Nine-to-Fiver.

With the carefree days of summer coming to a close, we'll be falling into schedules and commitments. Kristi's blog should make it easier to fit writing into the day, and all the other parts of life too. How to do it? Check it out here.