November 24, 2009

Perfect Holiday Gift For Writers!

If you are an aspiring author or already a published author, add this fabulous item to your wish list. Bill Quain, Ph.D, is the author of 17 books. He has sold 2.3 million copies in 20 languages - now, that's success! In addition to being a best-selling author, Dr. Quain is obviously a terrific marketer. He is also in the business of creating marketing programs for authors who want to sell more books. And he can help those that would like to publish a book. We all know in today's world, successful authors must be successful marketers. Gone are the days writers could hide in the attic, alone with their thoughts. Just reading this blog, demonstrates the importance of marketing, web presence and name recognition. Check out the creative packages that Dr. Quain is offering for the holidays. Print and leave the list where your secret Santa will find it! Or treat yourself ! With all the books Dr. Quain will help you sell, you can treat your loved ones to something special too!

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