April 30, 2009

National Picture Book Writing Week

Author Paula Yoo has created a fun contest for those who have plenty of picture books ideas, but need the inspiration to actually write! Paul has created National Picture Book Writers Week, affectionately called, NaPiBoWriWee, May 1st - May 7th. The challenge is to write a complete picture book each day, for seven days. As Paula states, this contest does not imply that writing a picture book is easy or that a PB can be written in one day. As we know, writing for children is a serious challenge. I recently listened to a radio interview with actress Brooke Shields, who published her second book. I was thrilled when she stated that writing a children's book is one of the most difficult challenges she ever faced. With this contest, however, Paula gives writers to opportunity to develop ideas, with a clear story arc, and win a copy of her book. You may find yourself writing a real gem (and about one hundred revisions later) will be ready for an editor's eyes! Good luck. http://www.paulayoo.com/

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