July 6, 2009

kids + vacation = no writing (No Sweat)

Many members of the writing community worry when their writing world is turned upside down by summer activities. Kids are home from school, vacation homes with no wireless, visiting friends/relatives, and the temptation to spend all day outside (okay, this one is actually mine). What's a writer to do? Journal! Author Kristi Holl offers a number of great suggestions in her blog. Be sure to read Part I and II. Kristi suggests journaling your experiences, feelings and dreams during this time. We may lack the time to work on our manuscripts, but we can take a few moments to capture our feelings. It's cathartic, rejuventating and also gives us wonderful material when the crisp autumn air hits us again. What other helpful tips? I've used this summer to finally finish several articles. It's easier for me to focus on one, smaller piece than the overwhelming revision of an entire book manuscript. Research and have fun! Where are you visiting with your children? I'm writing an article about marsupial animals. Off to the zoo we went! Had a great time with the kids and some wonderful research. Does your manuscript involve a museum? A water park? The Liberty Bell? Fourth of July celebrations? Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the day. Another helpful tip is to use this summer to try your hand at different marketing techniques. Don't have a blog yet? Make that a summer goal. Give Twitter a try. Need a Powerpoint presentation for school visits? Have your kids help you. Last summer, my kids showed me the ins/outs of creative Powerpoints. With the school year full of homework, sports and packed schedules, it can be difficult to find the time. Summer is about relaxation and rejuvenation - both will be a huge boost to your writing. Set a few easy goals, journal and look at creative ways to improve your writing. Enjoy!

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