February 5, 2010

No Time To Write? Stop Blogging!

Another gem from Laurie Halse Anderson, and she makes a very good point. She dares us to stop blogging, Facebook, etc. for the month of February. I would have to agree that we will find ourselves with much more time to write. The newsletter from the Institute of Children's Literature relays a quote from Laurie that I think is fabulous. "Reading blogs will not turn you into a published author. Writing blogs won't either. Writing books will. You have precious little time after your other responsibilities and if the goal is to write a book, well, then . . . write it." That's it, folks - I'm signing off. Not sure I can do the month of February, but the longer I write this note, the less time I'm writing my book!

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Joanne Fritz said...

Good for you, Jeannine. I'm not quite ready to do that yet, but I've definitely cut back on number of posts and number of other blogs I'm reading.

I've gone since Jan 28th without a new blog post, so ten days, which is a long time in some bloggers' worlds.

I would add: stop watching TV!