May 5, 2010

Why does it take so long to hear about my manuscript?

If you are a writer, you have surely muttered the question, "Why does a publisher take so long?". This is probably asked after the hundreth day of checking the mailbox. Actually, to hear in 100 days isn't bad :) A publicist from Peachtree Publishers, an independent publisher with a terrific list, gives us a peek into the acquisition process. This may not make the wait any easier, but it gives us more clarity. Thanks to the Peachtree folks for this blog. Check it out here.

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Peachtree Publishers said...

Thanks for linking back to your blog! Another thing of note about submitting manuscripts... Publishers get thousands of manuscripts, which are read in the order that they are received. Whenever you submit a manuscript, you should assume that there are thousands in front of yours that need to be read first. It takes time to give a manuscript a serious look, especially for chapter books. I know that the wait can be frustrating as an author, but at least know that your manuscript will get the same attention as the ones submitted before you.