March 4, 2011

Agent Offers Critique Every Month

I'm always intriqued by people who offer their talents to advance a cause near and dear to their hearts. And literary agent Irene Goodman is doing just that. Hats off to Irene. Each month, Irene auctions a critique. Each month! This is a win-win situation as you can receive a critique from a well-known agent and proceeds are donated to Hope For Vision and Foundation Fighting Blindness. This is a unique and clever way to raise money for these important causes. As my family runs a foundation, At Least Kids, to advance research into pediatric brain tumors, I appreciate Irene's fund-raising skills. When I do school visits, I ask each school for a donation to At Least Kids. I also donate part of the proceeds from my book to the foundation. The possibilites are endless with how writers can help others. So if you are looking for a critique from a experienced industry professional. check out Irene's auction page. You may even land an agent while helping a great cause.

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