June 2, 2011

Highlights Gallant Kid: June Issue

I'm happy to announce that my article, Gallant Kid: Katie Stagliano appears in the June issue of Highlights Magazine. Katie is AMAZING! It all started with one seedling. Katie planted the cabbage seed as part of a school program - that one seedling grew into a 40 lb. cabbage! She donated the cabbage to a homeless shelter, and launched her dream of Katie's Krops. Katie now has seven gardens and has donated over 5,000 pounds of vegetables to shelters and soup kitchens. A team of volunteers assists in watering, weeding and finding land for more gardens. Check out her website http://www.katieskrops.com/ for a good dose of inspiration. As Katie said, "We can make a huge difference in the fight against hunger."

1 comment:

Shannon Hitchcock said...

Such an amazing kid and who knew a cabbage could grow to such ginormous proportions?

Congrats on the article!