January 3, 2012

December: A busy month of school visits!

When you author a Christmas book, you have to expect a crazy month of school visits, Christmas bazaars and book signings, right? December 2011 proved to be just as busy as past years - and that's good news for me! I'm blessed with all the new friends I met through my school visits. The kids asked great questions, I lunched with budding authors, teachers/principals/parents were extraordinarily gracious. Thanks to all who shared their Christmas season with me. You've brought me great joy. Below are two of the school reviews:

St. Catherine of Sienna, Reading, PA - Jeannine told the story in such a beautiful, poetic way....I felt like Mary was talking to me! What a wonderful gift she brought to all of us with her soothing voice, wonderful story and the amazing illustrations. I wish that all children could be as lucky as ours were to "hear" Mary's story!

Our Lady of the Assumption, Strafford, PA -

What a wonderful way to start the holiday season. Mrs. Jeannine Norris came to our school and introduced the children to her beautiful book, Tonight You are My Baby: Mary’s Christmas Gift.

The children were riveted as she read the story and it was projected large than life on the whiteboard. Mrs. Norris kept them engaged in the story all the while sharing her experiences with them.
Many of the teachers commented that Mrs. Norris had such a beautiful “way” with the children, just as she has a beautiful way with words. This book and this author are both truly a gift from God.
Patty Welsh Principal, Our Lady of the Assumption Preschool and Kindergarten”Strafford, PA

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