December 3, 2008


A blue ribbon to my friend Annmarie, who went above and beyond to promote Tonight You Are My Baby. Annmarie hosted a book signing party, called everyone she knew, went door-to-door in her neighborhood and took a copy of the book with her everywhere. She sold 127 copies! Did you ever hear of that kind of success? I'm still in shock. I met the nicest group of ladies at the book signing party and had the chance to visit with most of them. Annmarie has also arranged for me to speak at her church's ladies Christmas luncheon and I am doing an author visit at the church preschool. Big thanks also to Annmarie's husband, Frank, for the endless ordering on Amazon in preparation for the party (and for his willingness to put it on the credit card!). And to their children - Daniel, Anya and Jamie for cleaning the house and putting up with their mother's ever-expanding "book order goals". Good sports they all are - and I nominate Annmarie for literary agent! A photo to come after the ladies luncheon next weekend....

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