December 3, 2008

Mary, Mother of the Redeemer

Many thanks to MMR for hosting a book signing at their Home and School meeting. MMR graciously donated their portion of the book sales to At Least Kids - raising $175.00 ! A great Christmas present for the foundation and very much appreciated - particularly in these economic times. Special thanks to the following: Librarian Joanne Greco who worked darn hard to promote the book and helped with the many sales. Joanne declined the donation to the library, and chose At Least Kids instead. A heart with true Christmas spirit! My dad, who worked hard in carrying books and even gave up his birthday dinner to count books ! Happy birthday to my dear dad! And finally thanks to Monsignor Ricci, pastor of MMR, who upon receiving a copy of the book, asked the school to have a signing. Monsignor holds a special place in our heart, as he drove into the city and came to CHOP to bless Quinn and our family the day of her surgery. We needed the prayers that day, and he was truly doing God's work. Miracles all around.....

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