May 11, 2009

Moms - A Writer's Cheerleader

The beauty of having a blog, is the ability to write whatever one chooses. And, today, I would like to give a shout -out to all the wonderful moms who bless our lives. We just celebrated Mother's Day, and I had the luxury of being spoiled all day. But this blog is really about writing, and this author's journey. I would like to mention a few pieces by local authors that gave me a good laugh, and a tear or two. These two female authors spoke of their mothers and how proud they were when their daughters were (finally!) published. Lisa Scottoline, best-selling mystery writer, also writes a weekly piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer. She recounted her mother placing a placard in her car's rear window declaring "LOCAL AUTHOR!". When Lisa told her she hit the NY Times best-seller list, her mother was equally impressed with the thought that New Yorkers read her daughter's work. Treat yourself and read Lisa's article - Ode to Hallmark. Equally funny is the YouTube video of Kelly Corrigan (author, The Middle Place) describing her mother's weekly trip to Borders Books. Once a week, Kelly's mother marched upstairs to the obscure shelf where Kelly's book was placed. Gathering up all the copies, she would strategically distribute them throughout the store. I guess it worked - Kelly's book is a hit! See the video at Kelly's blog and check out the Meet Mary Corrigan link. Writers know that the road to publication can be a long and sometimes, painful, one. I can't let my blog on mothers of female authors finish without mentioning my own mother, Kay. My mom, also an author herself, taught me the joy of writing and the tenacity to be published. She passed away six years ago; yet, there is not a day that I don't think about her and smile. Mothers are our best cheerleaders and unflagging in their enthusiasm. A friend sent me the Kelly Corrigan video and said, "Can't we picture your mom moving all your books to a better spot?". Yes, I most certainly can. That's what a good mom does.

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