November 2, 2010

PiBoIdMo: Are You In On The Fun?

Today is November 2nd, and if you are a PiBoIdMo participant you should have your second idea penciled in. If you are not a participant, you are saying, "What the heck are you talking about?" PiBoIdMo is a funny name, but loaded with creativity and imagination. Tara Lazar is sponsoring Picture Book Idea Month on her blog.

The goal: each day in November, come up with a new picture book idea.

The details: it can be just the title, a jacket blurb, an outline or an entire first draft!

The reward: winners will submit their top five ideas to agents. The agents listed on Tara's blog will provide feedback on the picture books.

The other reward: you now have a folder of 30 picture books titles!

Jump on over to Tara's blog and sign up as a participant. And for goodness sake, get writing!


Anonymous said...

Great to have you participating again Jeannine! You are a veteran...or a PiBoIdMoVet!

Joanne Fritz said...

Yes! I'm participating this year. Last year, the thought of it was too daunting.

But this year, I'm finding the ideas are coming quickly. They may be terrible, but they're ideas.