March 16, 2009

Calling all Cinderellas...Fairy Godsisters, Ink

Have you been longing to attend the SCBWI Summer Conference in LA? Don't have the funds? Don't have a fairy godmother to send you to the ball? Well - now you have five Fairy Godsisters! Fairy Godsisters, Ink. helps children's writers and illustrators attend the fantastic SCBWI Summer Conference by providing an annual scholarship. This benevolent posse of five women believe in magic (lucky breaks), giving back and helping others. The group: Thalia Chaltas, Valerie Hobbs, Mary Hershey, Robin La Fevers and Lee Wardlaw each contribute money towards the scholarship. This year's scholarship is $1500. Applicants must be SCBWI members and submit a 250-word esssay describing what they hope to accomplish through the conference. Application deadline is quickly approaching - April 15th - with the winner notified by May 15th. Essays must be sent to The website is . In this harsh economic climate, these ladies really are a dash of magic to Cinderella writers. Bravo to Fairy Godsisters Ink!

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