March 19, 2009

Marketing Your Book in a Recession

In this harsh economic climate, publishers and writers alike are looking at the most cost-effective measures for promotion. The recent issue of Children's Writer ( devotes almost the entire issue to thrifty tips. The following are some of my favorites:

* use online services such as Vista Print to create postcards/business cards. I use Vista Print, speedy/dependable service, and they frequently have promotions such as 100 postcards free.
* start a blog through free services such as * write book reviews. Include the title of your own book after your name
* trade links with other writers
* join the conversation and various groups at Facebook, Twitter, etc. - I created two Facebook pages - one personal page and another specifically for my book. Become a "fan" of your book.
* join local critique and writer's groups
* offer autographed copies of your book as part of a charity gift basket
* ask to be a speaker at clubs, various organizations - I was a speaker for a college creative writing class, church groups and mom's groups
* give a talk or a reading at your local library
* write how-to articles on the craft of writing such as
* send an email blast to everyone on your email list
* develop strong relationships with your local bookstores

Lots of other great tips and advice from the publishers at Children's Writer. Tough times call for tough people to get creative!

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