March 7, 2009

Mentoring Workshop Tips

Really a terrific group of editors (and one agent) at the NJ-SCBWI workshop. These one-day workshops consist of a 20 minute manuscript critique with an editor, a "first page" session (the first pages are read anonymously and the editors give a five minute critique and participation in a critique group with other writers. There is lots of work to do ahead, but many rewards. This particular group of editors/agents was well-rounded with plenty of experience in the publishing world. A nice mix of picture books, MG and YA authors/illustrators clients in their background. These smaller workshops are much more intimate and the atmosphere is relaxed. Jessica Dandino Garrison (Dial Books) was seated at my table for lunch, and she couldn't be more pleasant. She was happy to answer questions and we also tried to give her time to eat. Some interesting comments from the workshop editors/agents: everyone agrees that the industry is tighter, advances will not be as big and publishers are looking for "house authors" (authors that will continue to write marketable books). Another round of applause for Kathy Temean and Laurie Wallmark for organizing the event.

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