September 10, 2009

Back to School? Good idea(s) !

For many of us, "back to school" means more writing time. Summer nourishes our soul, and allows a break from demanding schedules. Everything is more relaxed - and our writing often languishes also. But back to school means fresh notebooks, sharpened pencils and new ideas. This time of year is full of ideas for a manuscript. Publishers are always on the lookout for new back- to -school books. Observe your kids, listen to their conversations. What concerns/fears/excitement can you hear? Chances are, your kids are not the only ones talking about these issues. New kid in the school? Scary teacher? Lunchroom food fight? Someone change over the summer? Funny bus driver? New principal? Electing class president? Don't have school age children yourself? Remember how you felt as a child. The butterflies in the stomach and the anticipation. If you need more ideas, borrow a friend who has young children. Treat her to a cup of coffee at the local coffeehouse. Now she has more time too!

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