September 21, 2009

Where do all the used books go?

If you are reading an author's blog, chances are you are a bibliophile. You buy books, lots of them, and collect them. Many of us have jammed bookshelves that can't possibly fit one more book. Some books are like old friends, you simply can't bear to part with them. But with other books, you might be willing to help find a good home. Where to donate? Well, your local library may be happy to accept, and sell the books for a few dollars. Definitely a bargain for the next reader - particularly if it's a hardback, and you are supporting a local resource. If the library doesn't accept donations, not to fret, there are plenty of other opportunities for books in good condition: brings books to needy schools and libraries across the US pays shipping costs to developing countries send books to American troops overseas

So, feel free to read on, my friends. Just remember to pass along!

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