September 12, 2009

Not in love anymore?

Via Twitter, I recently came across a very funny article titled, "You Aren't The Book I Married Anymore" by Courtney Summers. The article makes the analogy that the relationship with your manuscript is like a marriage.

Oh, those glorious first weeks/months. The giddiness of new ideas, fresh pages, the "I can't get you out of my mind" feeling. The endless possibilities. Aren't we all thrilled with our new manuscripts? You can't wait to make the introductions. Everybody will love him...I mean "it", the book. You want to spend all your time together.

But, alas, like all relationships this one needs work to remain healthy. Very slowly, you begin to notice flaws. Things with the manuscript all not all good. Sure, you can deny it for a while, but what about those characters that need more development? The dialogue is not quite its best. Really, what makes this book different from the others? You beg the manuscript to cooperate. Change for the sake of your relationship. The honeymoon is over. This relationship needs work.

Now comes the hard part. Revising, commitment, editing. The willingness to admit that some parts aren't working, but you are open to change. For the sake of the relationship. You two can get through this together - and walk the I am published bookstore aisles in wedded bliss.

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